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    is the world's leading information technology
    research and advisory company

According to research by Gartner Group, the price for personal computers continues to decline, yet the actual cost to own and operate a computer continues to rise.

The same research also revealed that 87% of the estimated yearly business cost of a desktop PC is spent on technical support...


The EZRecoveryCard
objective is to eliminate computer downtime!     Therefore it was designed with one main principle, to instantly restore  computer's operation virtually no matter what the cause is!, and this simply by restarting your computer.

The EZRecoveryCard protects against disruptive down time required for troubleshooting, eliminates endless service calls and hours of restoration of back-up files and ends wasted human resources time needed for reconfiguring complex setups - all without adversely affecting productivity.

The EZRecoveryCard stores the information needed for recovering the protected HDD (i.e. File allocation table (FAT), Partition table, CMOS Setup data, etc.) in a secured (hidden) area in the hard disk drive.

As an added safeguard, the EZRecoveryCard contains a special built-in algorithm that prevents destructive actions from overwriting the protected hard-disk area.

The EZRecoveryCard starts its protection prior to the hard disk drive booting stage so when an unauthorized changes are detected,
EZRecoveryCard instantly restores the original hard disk drive content (Image), and the hard disk is immediately restored to its original status.

New incoming data (dynamic files) must be stored in an unprotected partition (data partition or servers). The contents of the data partition can be copy to a protected partition for permanent protection, as a routine procedure.

Developed over seven years by a top senior level security and computer engineering team specializing in recovery solutions, the EZRecoveryCard  provides unparalleled system recovery protection never available before. 

Even the most reliable computers might stop functioning as a result of accidental or intentional damage caused by hackers, virus attacks, inexperienced users or upset student.
With EZRecoveryCard  installed you can rest assure that all your computers will run perfectly

Our business focus is to make things happen for your business benefits.
We have a team of people, systems and resources specially to meet your most demanding requirements. Our resources work for you, injecting necessary expertise to improve quality

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-Virtually eliminate business disruptions caused by computer problems.

  • -Greatly enhanced computer stability and protection.

  • -One use provides an instant return on investment.

  • -Dramatic decreased operational (TCO)
    and maintenance costs.

  • -Slashes technical support and service call requirements.

  • -Instant recovery puts you back in business and focused on your priorities.

  • -Quick turn-key solution with no learning curve

  • -Tight and routine control on the
    configuration of the systems

-Enforces policies


EZRecoveryCard gives you total protection of the computers.

After installing it into a free PCI expansion slot and simply rebooting, the computer becomes protected against unexpected wrong operation and viruses, now you can try many dangerous operations (delete, format, fdisk, uninstall, etc.). With a simple reboot, the destroyed system will be backup and recovered to the normal status.


How does Intelligent Recovery Technology work?

Intelligent Recovery Technology works by recording changes made to the HDD, thus it only requires a small amount of HDD space to operate.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, It is plug and Play.

Can EZRecoveryCard be upgraded?

Yes. You can download the upgrades from our website: Downloads

What warranty do you provide?

This product carries a 24 months limited warranty from the date of purchase againts manufacturing defects. During the warranty period, product deemed defective by us in form of function will be replaced at no charge. This warranty will be rendered void and non applicable in cases of torn or tampered, unauthorized repair, accidental damage, abuse, misuse, deliberate and/or attempted modifications of software or any hardware component.

Where have EZRecoveryCard cards been used?

RecoveryCard have been used in places like universities, colleges, school computer labs, libraries, R & D Centers, educational labs, training centers, Internet stations, Corporate sectors, Government sectors and private enterprises etc.

Why those places?

In these places, the computers are being accessed by many different people all the time. RecoveryCard will protect the computer's operating system and application software against modifications, tampering, pranks and viruses

My computer already has an operating system. Do I have to reinstall again if I use EZRecoverycard?

No. EZRecoveryCard can keep your operating system.

There are other software only solutions in the market. What makes EZRecoveryCard special and why does it require a hardware card?

Software only solutions can easily be hacked and cannot offer any real protection outside the operating system. The EZRecoveryCard hardware card can protect against such intrusion or corruption by intercepting them outside the operating system or at the hardware level.

Why software only solutions cannot offer protection outside the operating system

Software only solutions are specifically written for an operating system. If the operating system is not running, then the software only solution cannot operate. Furthermore the BIOS/CMOS settings can't be protected by "Software only solution" because it executes before any operating system.

Can EZRecoveryCard protect the BIOS/CMOS setting?

Yes. It will automatically restore a good copy when any of the settings are tampered or corrupted.
Why should I protect the BIOS/CMOS setting?

If the BIOS/CMOS settings are corrupted, your computer may hang or behave abnormally. It may even crash your operating system or corrupt your HDD.

Can you assure me that EZRecoveryCard's password is secure?

Yes. EZRecoveryCard password emphasizes on security.

If the EZRecoveryCard  corrupts or I remove the EZRecoveryCard  without uninstalling it, will the data on hard disk be damaged?

No. The data on hard disk will be restored to the status last saved. The changes you made to the protected drive after last saving will be deleted.

Do EZRecoveryCard cards support Linux?


How does the EZRecoveryCard work?

The EZRecoveryCard works by recording changes made to the HDD.

Does the EZRecoveryCard take HDD space?

The EZRecoveryCard virtually takes no space on your HDD.

To run EZRecoveryCard, the computer system must meet the following requirements:

 CPU 386 and upward

 One empty PCI slot
 Windows ME/XP/2000/VISTA/ 7   32 bits


Compatible with :



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